Our goal is to bring an user editable and extendable MMORPG to you, allowing everyone to create his own world and let other players play on it. Take your items and gold from one world to the other, giving you the impression of one large world, consiting of smaller, player created worlds. Think of the “Oasis” in Ready Player One: That’s what we want to create. VR support will also be included, but you can play without a VR headset, too.

The networking part has been coded according to Gabriel Gambetta’s excelent guide at
It uses clientside prediction, server recoinciliation, and an authoritative server for player and enemy movement.


State of development:

[X] Multiplayer Position Sync
[X] Enemys
[X] Inventory
[X] Items
[X] Fighting
[X] Chat
[X] Basic UI
[X] Basic level editor
[ ] Module System
[/] World Editor
[ ] Quests/NPCs
[/] Instance Server
[ ] Instance Finder