Fingerprint Auth
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Logon to Windows and create 2FA tokens using your Android mobile.
2FA seeds and passwords are saved encrypted in the cloud.

FPA installs a custom credential provider for windows logons, as well as a windows client for entry of 2FA- and static passwords. In adition, the Android client which can be found at

has to be installed.

Supported login types are:
-2FA (OTP)
-Windows Logon (static PW)
-Website Login (static PW)

Please note!!!
Passwords are used in a way they can't be reset. Thus you should keep backup copys of your seeds and passwords, if possible printed on paper.

During first login, you will have to click Sign-In Options to select the new credential provider. It will say "Personalized credentials for ..."

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Operating System Support Other Windows
System Requirements Internet access, Windows 10
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Program Version v1.0 (Sep 05, 2020, Beta)
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