JonDoFox Advanced Privacy Browser
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In addition to fingerprinting, ad networks are collecting psychological data of the users. This data is primarily based on mouse movement and scroll (we can't block clicks. reasonably).
It leaks and is being used for anything from spam to blackmailing.

Our addons block only those javascript functions, thus leaving the Internet intact (unlike noscript, which makes FB being unusable).
If a page is broken, hit ctrl+shift+p and retry (private browsing mode)

We do reach a "nearly unique" rating at the EFF fingerprinting test page. This can't be reached with common addons, but our Browser provides it.
In the last line of defense, we do provide fluctuating IPs with proxies

Update v2.0:
-Based on Firefox 70.0 Beta (15.09.2019)
-Added proxy scraper/checker/configurator
Note: currently, facebook chat is broken.

To increase security, use a hosts file black list in adition to your adblocker, like this one:

Operating System Support Win7 x64
System Requirements Internet access, Windows 10
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Program Version v2.0 (Sep 05, 2020, New Release)
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