RRProxy Relay
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Lets you bundle DSL with mobile without an extra router.
1.) note the ip/netmask/gateway of you normal LAN
2.) connect mobile and note ip/netmask/gateway of it
3.) create two instances of the appliance in oracle virtual box
4.) in each one, go to settings=>network and set the adapter to bridged, mobile interface for one VM, LAN interface for the other one
5.) fire up the vm's and set their network configs according to the ones noted in 1) and 2) with differnt static client ip's
6.) go to https://x.x.x.x:9000 on each of the vm's ip's (they are shown in the VM). default credentials are admin­čśüeskjet1 , and setup the proxy listening interface under your proxy=>Gateway services: Socket Secure Proxy=>Listen Interface

7.) Start RRProxyRelay and enter the ip's of the servers you have created in 5.). Hit "Start".
8.) Configure your clients to use the Socks4 Proxy without username/password
You will see a

Operating System Support Win7 x64
System Requirements Internet access, Windows 10,VM
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Program Version v1.0 (Sep 05, 2020, New Release)
Program Type Freeware
Program Language C#
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Author Name Dennis M. Heine