Timesheet Enterprise
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Description Timesheet
This program logs your working time either by computer uptime or by wifi data. To run it automatically at system start, you have to add it to autorun. (most likely either your autorun folder, or a task using the taskplaner and the user logon event)
It is possible to log breaks using the computer lock screen. This way, you can either lock your screen manually when taking breaks or configure your screensaver to lock the screen after n minutes, so it will automatically log your breaks.

Timesheet will start hidden. You can access the settings and export by double-clicking the tray icon.
System date format has to be either or dd/mm/yyyy

Enterprise Edition
The enterprise edition of Timesheet is being delivered with a serverside PHP application that keeps track of the data and allows the admin to generate charts out of it.
A CSV-exporter allows export to other systems.
Replay attacks are possible, but can be made verry hard.
Operating System Support Win7 x64
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Program Version v0.9.3 (Sep 05, 2020, Beta)
Program Type Freeware
Program Language C#
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Submission Date Sep 05, 2020
Author Name Dennis M. Heine