UnSpam Me
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Description UnSpam Me v1.0.2

This program searches your IMAP eMail inbox folder and unsubscribes from all mailing lists/news letters.
It uses the List-Unsubscribe mail header to get unsubscription link.

If it's an URL, it will be visited.
If it's an eMail address, an unsubscription mail will be sent.

To get the server details, please contact your mail provider.

Google Mail:

Please note: some providers do block mass sending of mails. In that case, please run the program several times, deleting all mails you dont want to be processed each time.
Operating System Support Win7 x64
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Program Version v1.0.2 (Sep 05, 2020, New Release)
Program Type Freeware
Program Language C#
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Submission Date Sep 05, 2020
Author Name Dennis M. Heine